Are you looking for a surfboard?

If you are just about to hit the waves but not completely sure about where and when, well, a soft top surfboard is a perfect option for you. They are not as fragile as a normal surf will be and can handle smaller and not so powerful waves.

Have some fun on your surf

A big part of the surfing culture is to enjoy and have as much fun as possible, instead of trying to become a pro in a day. This is where the foam surfboard kicks in.

A soft top surf or a foam board is a great tool to put a smile on your face without craving too much sweat and paddling.

A soft top surfboard or...

If you want a bit more diversity though, you can always try the Waveskaters or, for an extra challenge and for the more experienced, a foil surfboard. A Waveskater can be used as a surfboard, bodyboard and what so not. And the best part - it is super durable.

If you already got some surf experience or want to get on with the more hard-core niche, then maybe foiling and foil surfboards will be a good option.

In any case, we got them all here!