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Powerslide Next Pro 110 Freeskates

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Sko størrelse: 46-47
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Powerslide One Allround Skaterhjelm
S - Sort (+ 179,-)
L - Sort (+ 179,-)
Eight Ball Skaterhjelm
52-56 - Sort (+ 249,-)
52-56 - Gun (+ 249,-)
52-56 - Blue Fade (+ 249,-)
52-56 - White Gloss (+ 249,-)
52-56 - Lilla (+ 249,-)
52-56 - Teal (+ 249,-)
55-58 - Gun (+ 249,-)
55-58 - Blue Fade (+ 249,-)
55-58 - White Gloss (+ 249,-)
55-58 - Teal (+ 249,-)
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SkatePro T-shirt
4-6 - Black
4-6 - Camo/White
6-8 - Chive
6-8 - Blueberry
6-8 - Flame Orange
6-8 - Flame Scarlett
8-10 - Cuban Sand
8-10 - Heather Grey
8-10 - White
8-10 - Heritage Blue
8-10 - Chive
8-10 - Black
8-10 - Black
8-10 - Blueberry
8-10 - White
10-12 - Flame Orange
10-12 - Blueberry
10-12 - Flame Scarlett
10-12 - White
10-12 - Heather Grey
10-12 - Black
10-12 - Cuban Sand
10-12 - Chive
10-12 - Heritage Blue
12-14 - Cuban Sand
12-14 - Blueberry
12-14 - Flame Orange
12-14 - Heritage Blue
12-14 - Black
12-14 - Flame Scarlett
12-14 - Black
12-14 - Heather Grey
12-14 - White
12-14 - Chive
12-14 - White
S - Heather Grey
S - Camo/White
S - Flame Scarlett
S - Heritage Blue
S - Black
S - White
S - Flame Orange
S - Blueberry
S - Black
S - White
S - Cuban Sand
S - Chive
M - White
M - Blueberry
M - Black
M - Heritage Blue
M - Flame Scarlett
M - Cuban Sand
M - Flame Orange
M - Chive
M - Black
M - White
M - Heather Grey
M - Camo/White
L - Tap Shoe/Camelia Rose
L - White
L - Black
L - Flame Scarlett
L - Chive
L - Blueberry
L - White
L - Flame Orange
L - Heritage Blue
L - Heather Grey
L - Black
L - Camo/White
L - Cuban Sand
XL - Blueberry
XL - Black
XL - Cuban Sand
XL - White
XL - Tap Shoe/Camelia Rose
XL - Camo/White
XL - Heather Grey
XL - Flame Orange
XL - Heritage Blue
XL - Black
XL - Chive
XL - White
XL - Flame Scarlett
XXL - Black
XXL - Black
XXL - Heather Grey
XXL - Camo/White
XXL - Tap Shoe/Camelia Rose
XXL - Chive
XXL - Blueberry
XXL - White
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Powerslide One Allround Skaterhjelm
Powerslide One Allround Skaterhjelm (1 stk)
DKK 219,-
+ DKK 179,-
SkatePro T-shirt
SkatePro T-shirt (1 stk)
DKK 129,-
+ DKK 69,-
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Next Pro 110 er egnet til kreativ skating og til at klare byens udfordringer. Denne Powerslide freeskates model er udstyret med en kvalitets hård støvle. Et godt match hvis du du ønsker en skøjte med god støtte og god kraftoverførsel.

Powerslide Next Pro 110 freeskates er små i størrelsen. Vælg gerne en størrelse større end din normale skostørrelse.

  • En high-cut cuff som giver dig maksimal ankelstøtte som stabliserer balancen og mindsker muskeltræthed
  • En alumimum klinge der giver direkte kontrol og samtidig lav vægt
  • 110mm hjul med en hårdhed på 86A gør det let at opretholde en god hastighed og samtidig sikre dig en cool skate stil
  • Trinity monteringen er bygget til at optimere din balance og høj grad af kontrol, fordi hjulene sidder så tæt på støvlen som muligt
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Anbefalet til:
Fitness skøjtning, Freestyle skating, Træning skating
anmeldelser   (16)
This skates are really fun and really comfortable! I don't really see or feel any height difference for a 3x110 setup on the Trinity as compared to a normal 165mm urban skate mount, but the Trinity mount feels so much more smoother on rough surfaces and has very good control. The wheels have more grip than what I'm used to making it easier to slide to stop, but it felt like I needed to pull myself together to commit to the slides. This is probably just because the wheels are very new. I bought these in 46-47 and I normally wear size 44 sneakers, they are a bit wide by the toes for me and I can move my toes but it doesn't affect my skating at all. I have skated around 50km within the first week since getting this pair and my longest trip was 24km. My only complaint with these is that the wheels wear out surprisingly fast! It could be due to the roads I skate on and my habit of sliding to stop, but my right wheel to the back already looks worn off
Christian Helle (Ishøj)
Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5!
Svar fra SkatePro:  Thank you for the great feedback! 🤙 I'm happy that you like the skates. It's one of my favorite freeskates too. When it comes to wheels, the ones this skate comes with are very soft, which means they wear easily. But they are very good at urban skating and doing jumps and riding down stairs. If you want a harder wheel, you should take a look at wheels like Matter G13. You will lose some grip with these wheels, but you will gain some speed. If you need help choosing new wheels, let us know. Either on email og call us. You can find all our contact info on our website.
Flotte å se på, men veldig harde, stramme og tette inne i, fikk blåmerker og skrubbsår på foten bare av å ta de av og på, så de måtte vi returnere.
Jarle A Winge (Oslo)
Bedømmelse: 3 ud af 5!
Just as advertised. The blades shipped quickly and arrived just as expected. I wear a size 11.5 shoe in the US (euro 46), and got the 12/12.5. They fit great. After maybe twenty minutes figuring out how to attach the wheels (watch a youtube video, very simple when you see someone else do it first) and I was ready to go. I just turned 30 and hadn't bladed regularly since I was 15 (though back then I did it constantly). New wheels take a bit of maneuvering to break in, but any experienced skater will love these. A little expensive, but pay once and cry once. You won't need a new pair for a decade with these babies.
Michael Natriello (Brooklyn)
Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5!
So far I have been very happy with these Powerslide Next Pro 110 skates. Had to go a size bigger than the size chart here for them to fit. There is lots of adjustability here. Comfortable, smooth, and fast compared to my old 4 wheel skates from back in the day. Shipping was quicker than expected.
Evan Stumpges (Peoria)
Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5!
Wow incredible Skates! Unfortunately I’m unable to try them as I had a bad fall & injured one of the ligaments in my knee! It was a static fall whilst trying to take off one my skates, I was also wearing all my protective gear, so please be careful out there! ☹️. The fit of the skates is perfect and the wheels are superb, I chose 110mm because I’m not brave enough to attempt using 125mm, but it’s on my wish list.. I’m stuck at home staring at my skates wishing I was out on them, it’ll be a few weeks before I’m fully recovered and I doubt I’ll be able for skating once I’m back walking properly. I’m sure in a few months I will really appreciate getting back on the wheels especially these beauties! 😆
Andrew McLelland (Westport)
Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5!
Fantastic skates faster than I expected, if you have the means to purchase these skate it's worth every penny. Tip if you deciding on a size like I was go a size bigger they fit a little snug.
Mcclary Letran (Chula Vista)
Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5!
Love these skates. Tight fit in the beginning but broke them in after 2 weeks of daily use. I trimmed the buckle for tighter fit, I recommend using shoelaces for better liner fit.
Leo Rodriguez (Brooklyn)
Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5!
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