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CCM Tacks 9060 Intermediate Hockeystav

DKK 1.099,-
Model + flex: 28 Right - 65
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Get a hockey stick packed with high-end tech at an affordable rate with the Tacks 9080

The Tacks series is made to be that all-in-one hockey stick that intermediate players are looking for. Thanks to some improvements on the Tacks stick, you get maximum loading for both wristers and slap shots, where this 9080 is a range-topper.

The Ultra Attackframe blade has a high stiffness which makes it accurate in both shots and passes. This is the intermediate senior Connor McDavid edition with a big opened blade and a flex of 65.

Tech Features:

  • Mid Kick Point
    • All-in-one flex profile with two different stiffness zones that offers great loading for both wrist and slap shots.
  • Ultra Attackframe Blade
    • Lightweight blade with high torsional and bending stiffness for accurate
      shooting and passing.
  • T-Geometry
    • Proven T-shape square corner design.
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Komposit Fiberglas og Kulfiber