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Mystic Diva 5mm Chestzip Våddragt Dame

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Farve: Night Blue
Night Blue
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The Diva series of neoprene wear for watersports is designed with a beautiful feminine style and will provide women with a go-to-choice for this seasons activity on the water. The range of full suits has laid the ground for a sweet selection of summer pieces that will provide ladies with protection in select areas.

Coming in at the top of the Diva line is this 5mm thick chest-zipped full suit that will provide the protection needed for long days on the water - Even in colder conditions as far down as 52°F (11°C). It is loaded with tech so even the more demanding female watersports enthusiasts will feel right at home in the Diva suit.


  • Waterproof Stretch Taping
    • This tape is applied internally to the seams of the wetsuit, making them waterproof whilst providing warmth and flexibility to the suit.
  • Glued Blind Stitched
    • This way of first gluing the seams before stitching them half way through the material is a great way of waterproofing at the seams.
  • Mesh Neoprene (chest- and back-panel)
    • This material is comprised of closed cell neoprene with a single side of laminated material which helps keep the wind chill at a minimum.
  • Front-Zip
    • Even though the front zipped entry system is usually harder to enter than the classic back zip it is without a doubt the best system in the way it closes out water from the backside. The neck aligns better providing an optimized seal.
  • Fine Mystic Zip
    • Mystic have developed this Fine zip system with fine overlapping teeth that create a smooth and very tight closure whilst still retaining the flexible properties of the suit. This zipper is made from metal and has a rubber finger grip for ease of use.
  • Glideskin Thin Neck Construction
    • The Thin Neck construction features a reduced thickness of the entire neck area which allows for the neoprene to follow the curves of the neck with less pressure. This makes the neck lining feel like a second skin and enables excellent water closure.
  • Aquabarrier
    • By applying a silicone print in key areas, the Aquabarrier creates a shield preventing water from entering your suit.
  • 4-way Stretch Kneepads
    • The Super-Tex fabric used on the knee-areas are highly durable and will stretch far more in order to provide freedom of movement and also protect the knees.
  • Velcro Ankle Closure
    • Added cuffs in the ankle area that provide a snugger fit and a better prevention of water from getting inside the suit.
  • Non-slip Cuffs
    • A unique cuff design that has two functions. First of it creates close seal that will limit water entry and secondly, it will keep the cuffs of your wetsuit in place.
  • Inside Key pocket
    • An internally mounted nylon pocket for safekeeping of keys.
  • Aquaflush
    • The Aquaflush system is perforated neoprene that will allow water to vacate the suit preventing the leg cuffs from filling up with water.


  • Polar Lining (Chest- and back)
    • For activities in cold water there is nothing like the Polar lining of the Mystic suits. This inner layer is soft to the touch and will reflect body heat keeping you warm longer.
  • M-Flex 2.0
    • The most technically advanced neoprene type on offer from the Mystic range. Sublime stretch ratio and flexibility, combined with an unmatched durability.

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M-Flex 2.0, Polar Lining
GBS, Waterproof Stretch Taping
Extra Features:
Aquabarrier, Aquaflush, Non-slip cuffs, Glideskin Thin Neck Construction, 4-way Stretch Kneepads, Velcro Ankle Closure, Mesh Neoprene
Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing, Surfing, Windsurfing, SUP (Stand Up Paddling), Skimboarding
Chest Zip
10°C - 14°C
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