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Ortovox Lavineudstyr

Ortovox Kodiak Sneskovl

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You can dig in the snow and build your snow cave with this snow shovel. It is a part of your safety equipment when skiing in areas with risk of avalanches

Who is this shovel aiming for?

  • For you who tour where avalanches can occur and for cave digging on multi-day tours
  • It is for you who want to make digging easier, faster and more powerful

What benefits do you get with this Ortovox Kodiak Shovel?

  • You get a smart and easy packable snow shovel with a possible more axe-like setup - this makes digging easier in hard and icy snow
  • You will benefit from the good D-grip and rubberized grip zone for easier and more powerful handling

Good to know

  • Educate yourself, make good decisions and seek knowledge before you go
  • Test your gear before going out - like assembling mechanisms

Technical information

  • Scoop is 3.1liter
  • Weight is 770gram
  • Length is 88cm when assembled
  • Length is 47 when disassembled
  • Blade dimensions are 30x23x6cm