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Trinity Frame Adapter

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Want to run Trinity frames without buying a new pair of skates?

With the frame adapter from Powerslide, it is now possible to do so. The only thing you need to be aware of is that the boots you want to mount this adapter set too, have to have a 9 - 13mm pitched heel. This means that the heel of the boot sits higher than the front mount.

This adapter set is mainly made for hard-boot skates, such as the USD Team Sway skates, but can also be used with skates from other brands with similar plate mounting, like for instance the Roces Majestic 12 or the Them Skates 908.

All that is left is to pick the pair of Trinity frames you find most interesting and get it all mounted.

The Trinity system is a 3-point mounted system that vastly improves on power transfers, reduces fatigue and improves control and stability, over the conventional 2-point mounted systems.


2 x Plates - One left and one right

1 x Bag of mounting hardware

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anmeldelser   (1)
Good product although not compatible with every boot. Sometimes you have to adapt it sometimes it is not possible.
Kamen Panchevski (Gillingham)
Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5!