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Powerslide rulleskøjter

Powerslide Rapid 4W Speed Skate Frames

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Looking to get the most out of each stride, with a lightweight pair of frames is as easy as 1-2-3

Whether you are replacing a set of worn out frames on your speed skates or looking to build your first custom setup, the Rapid frame is an obvious choice

Options in wheelbase and built for endurance

  • Selecting the right length in wheelbase is crucial when it comes to optimizing your physical size and skating technique, which is why these Rapid frames come with options in this regards
  • The Rapids are stiff, but not as much as the more hardcore speed frames, making them the perfect choice for lighter skaters, long distance skaters or younger skaters
  • Rapid frames are supplied with M7 single sided axles
  • 3- or 4-wheeled is your choice when picking from the three smallest sizes available here since the frames are drilled with holes for both, except the 100mm and the 110mm versions
80mm - 9.5"80mm, 100mm244mm165mm
84mm - 10.25"84mm, 100mm256mm165mm
90mm - 11"90mm, 100mm277mm165mm
100mm - 12"100mm305mm195mm
110mm - 13.2"110mm335mm195mm
Hjulbolt hoved:
1 hjulbolt system, Torx, M7

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