Skigo skismøring, rulleski og skiudstyr

SkiGo Dobbelt Smørestativ

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Arbejsplads til at behandle 2 ski. Med et lille bord til voks og redskaber. Justerbare profiler og ski clips. Benene kan foldes sammen under transport.

Når stativet er foldet sammen, måler det 59 cm x 26 cm x 16 cm og vejer 11,5 kg.

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The packaging for a shipment to Seattle needed to be a bit more robust. The boxing apparently the work of Ski-Go was pretty casual. The profiles were in a plastic bag left to bounce around inside the box and the and result was that the bench was barely contained in a box that had both ends nearly punched out. The problem was that one of the ski fixture nuts which are a bar with a 10mm 1.25 hole wasn’t sufficiently screwed into the knob and is at the bottom of some truck or conveyor belt between Norway and Seattle. I certainly do not want a ton of Styrofoam packaging or expect the bench I plan to treat like a tool and not a piece of glass To show up in perfect condition but even a modicum of restraining the parts in the box with a bit of additional cardboard would be welcome. I think I have found a workaround for the specialty part and therefore have only tried one of the two profiles andThis does seem to function well.
Geoff Yule (Renton)
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