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Mystic Brand 3mm Backzip 2019 Våddragt

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The Brand series of wetsuits from Mystic is packed with great options. The line is made in 3/2mm thick neoprene and mainly put together with flatlock stitching. This makes this series of suits perfect for warmer conditions and will provide surfers with all that they need for a great value.

This shorty will provide you with good core protection and very little restriction of movement. Perfect for high impact sports on the water where the full range of movement is required.


  • Mesh Neoprene Chest panel
    • This material is comprised of closed cell neoprene with a single side of laminated material which helps keep the wind chill at a minimum.
  • Glideskin Double Neck Construction
    • Similar to the Thin Neck Glideskin construction but with folded stitched panels on the outside, leaving only soft round edges in the neck area. Warm and comfortable fit with good water closure.
  • Lining Saver
    • A piece of soft Velcro is attached to the inside of the suit providing a fix for your collar tag. This helps to prevent the inner lining from becoming damaged.
  • Inside Key pocket
    • An internally mounted nylon pocket for safekeeping of keys.
  • Back-Zip
    • The Back-Zip is the most classic way of closing up a wetsuit. It is by far the easiest way of entering a suit but will often mean that water can get in through the rear of the neck liner. This is controlled though, depending on the model, with a double liner.
  • Flatlock Stitched
    • The flatlock stitch is used mainly for summer wetsuits where water is allowed to come in through the seams. Panels overlap each other and are then stitched all the way through for a super tough and durable seam.


  • 50% M-Flex
    • The M-Flex is a high-end neoprene material with superb flex and an awesome stretch ratio.
  • 50% Soft Touch
    • The core ingredient of all wetsuits is neoprene. Mystic applies this Soft Touch material to many suits. It is a carefully laminated layer of soft neoprene that provides comfort and a good fit.
Back Zip
14ºC - 18ºC
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Excellent product! Boyfriend loves it . Perfect fit!
Anna Wierciszewska (London)
Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5!
Snabb leverans, rätt storlek, bra med måttabellen.
Rolf Vesterberg (Hässelby)
Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5!
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