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Powerslide Fothon Rage LED Inliner Hjul 4-Pak

289 kr
Diameter: 72mm
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Fothon hjulet er fyldt med LED-dioder, som lyser op ved rotation og gør nat skating endnu sjovere.

Hjulene er designet med High Rebound PU, som giver en fantastisk ydeevne, samt et hurtigt og let rul. Ideel til byskating. Med Fothon LED hjul bliver du nattens stjerne.

Bemærk: Hjulene kan køres på 6mm spacere, men lysene kan kun aktiveres med 8mm spacere - Dette skyldes det faktum, at generatoren til lysene sidder i hjulnavet. 6mm spacere er ikke includeret.

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Awfull quality, avoid,
joe jupp (eastbourne)
Bedømmelse: 1 ud af 5!
Svar fra SkatePro:  Hi Joe,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience! If you think that you have received a faulty product, we can definitely take a look at it and try to claim with the supplier or if the product simply doesn't live up to your expectations, we do work with a 365 days return policy if the products haven't been used.

Any questions? Please write to us at email@skatepro.uk or call 0330 027 0202 between Mon-Thu 5 am - 9:30 pm, Fri 5 am - 4 pm, Sat 5 am - 1 pm (GMT)
These wheels are really good. The first few miles on them might be a bit slow, because the magnets inside the wheel are a close fit and rub a bit, but they'll soon wear in and they'll feel much better. They are really bright and they get lots of attention. Plus they illuminate you so its safer too. Very happy with these wheels.
Russell Jones (London)
Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5!
Great product, does what it says is does. I have both Blue and Red wheels and I'm very happy with both sets. Couple of notes for others looking at these: (1) You need 6mm to 8mm axle spacers to use these with 6mm axels. (2) The magnetic cores (6 come provided with the 4 wheels) rubs against the inside of the wheel and is gradually worn. This generates fine dust. As skate bearings only have seals on the outside this could cause 'extra' bearing wear as the dust will find its way into the bearing. Will try and report back after giving my bearings their first full service after using these wheels. (3) Bought on sale and wheels arrived with slight discolouration (guessing they were older stock). The wheels have a yellow hue to them, I'm assuming from oxidation of the polyurethane. Hasn't effected the performance or the lighting/flashing of the wheels.
Alexander H. (Harrogate)
Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5!
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